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Controlling jobs

DJ_FIC Daily Job Sheet edit.jpg

Integrated Daily Job Tracking


Integrated Labour tracking

Capture and cost worked labour hours 

Award interpret captured labour hours and transfer to payroll

CN_TAB Contract Browse edit.jpg

Subcontractor contracts and claims management

Manage Subcontractors, set up contracts, generate proforma claims, track SoP compliance.

Integrated subcontract accruals

FA_TAB Fixed Asset Browse edit.jpg

Plant - Owned & Hired

Recover plant to jobs 

Track Plant income, costs, maintenance, location, etc

Schedule, Plan and Execute plant maintenance

OD_TAB Orders Table edit.jpg

Procurement Management & Control

Track procurement against available budget

Implement cascading authorities.  Require approval of over-budget expenditure

Control expenditure during the job

Job Claim Report edit.jpg

Integrated claim Preparation

Prepare claim against approved contract

Capture approved variation, provisional sums and quantity items

Eliminated excel spreadsheet errors and omissions

JB_FIC Production Earned Value Edit.jpg

job performance management

Track job performance on daily, weekly or monthly basis

Forecast Cost at Completion against Original Estimate

Match Claim to Date against Cost to date.  Automatically calculate over claims and under claims