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Building Business

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CAsh Management

Cash is the life blood of a your project business.  Integration between Job Claims, Costing and Forecasts provides a detailed basis for managing your cash position.  Control of procurement and payment authorisiation provides controls to limit cash flow movements.

Detailed understanding of Bid & Claim over and under claims provides insight in medium term cash movements.

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Business Performance

Company financial information is tightly integrated with Job Claims and Costing information.  Overhead Reporting and Analysis reports.  Plant operation and maintenance reports. Divisional, cost centre and company reports provide comparison against prior years, budget and forecast.

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Budgeting & Forecasting

Project business are one of the most extensively estimated, budgeted and forecast businesses.  The unique nature of project businesses demands that you always have your finger on the pulse.  Job budgeting and forecasting is leveraged to provide enterprise budgets and forecasts.  

Up to date information and reliable forecasts provide timely and accurate information with which you can navigate with confidence.

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Payroll, Human Resources & Training

Payroll is integrated with Job Costing and Labour Tracking.  Award interpretation automatically converts worked hours to paid hours plus benefits.  Awards and standard pays enable determination of entitlements and benefits.  Human Resources & Training including qualifications and certificates enables efficient management of personnel.

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data Analysis

Optional Data Analysis cubes can provide access to your JCA data via Microsoft Analysis Services to Microsoft Excel.  

Design and implement custom spreadsheets to analyse cost and performance information.