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About Us

Al Sterritt has devoted over 30 years to the development of specialist software for the Civil Construction industry.

Commencing in 1982 with the Contractor Software and its first client Mackie & Staff (who remain a client today), Al has continually developed his suite of Civil Construction solutions.

Joined the Victorian CCF in 2006 and SA in 2008 and WA in 2013 - our policy is to support the CCF branches in each state we do business in.

We sponsor CCF activities and functions in Victoria since 2009 and were Bronze sponsors in SA in 2013

100 % of our business is with Civil Contractors.

JCA Software is written using Windev from PCSoft in France.  The Windev product has been available for about 30 years and is in use by about 120,000 developers around the world 

Mark has over 35 years professional experience in a wide range of professional roles. He has lead and participated in successful change and system implementation projects.

Mark delivered major organisational change through a championing new methods, processes and technology. Utilizing the available internal resourcing and achieving maximum value from external consulting resources delivered leading practice solutions in a civil construction environment.

Adherence to simple principles such as "capture once use many times" and delivering value through information, Mark overcame fundamental business challenges to deliver real and enduring change.

Mark is committed to the development and implementation of organisation change through the design and implementation of business solutions.

His projects experience includes planning and implementing major organisational change programs, major I.T. implementation programs and business process improvement.