When change is embraced you adapt and move forward


Under a perpetual licence the software has no inbuilt date stops, you have bought the software and you can use it for as long as you like.


Within over 300 different reports JCA will be able to report on the information being entered.

Why Change Software

  • Don’t shape the way you do business around your software, it should be the other way around the software should complement  your business methods

  • Change to envoke  a culture change, new computer system can equal a change in focus among staff into a recogniction of the importance of cost management.

  • Greater accountability.

  • Different levels of change not all is drastic a small subtle improvement can result in large results

  • Easy of change over part of the JCA service ( include inlink to other page) is to make the change over as painless as possible.  Existing data is converted, expirenced staff on hand to assist with the change over. Comprehensice pre install program to provide the change over every chance of success.

Customer Support

Utilizing a web base remote access, online support can be conducted across the country. * available within the standard maintenance agreement.

Future Proof

JCA software is involved and members of several leading instustry bodies ensuring the software is consistently being developed to meet the ever chaging needs of business.


Taking the hassle out of a conversion, old existing data information is converted in JCA and the software is installed on site by a real JCA employee.