Download Software Patch

Not all patches are critical updates, some are very specific and used to alter the software for a specific clients requirements.  Please do not download unless advised by JCA support, patches may not be compatible with your version of JCA

1 Click on the required patch

2 - Save File


3 Access the Downloaded file



4 Copy the JCA.wdl...   and Paste into the JCA directory on the server. Important that the Patch goes into the directory that holds the JCA.exe file.

5 Close and Reopen JCA for the Patch to take effect.


Patches for version 17.17  ( To find version info - Menu > Setup > About > Module version No.

227  Fix If the RDO accruals are not being subtracted off the Normal time in the payslip

233 Allow Bank statement to be created in last year financial months

235 allow progress claims to be created in last year after year end rollover



226   Debtor invoice report # 15 display all unpaid invoices.

228 Quote 7 formating

229/230 Custom patches

231/232 is international address in PAYG reports

234 Report #90 exlcude linked allowances to paytypes

236 Report #99 selection of All Batches

237 report #158 Option to include/Exclude Accrual reversal transactions